New ProjectX v4.4 Video & Screenshots

It is a long time since we reported about the "ProjectX 4.4 MOD" for Far Cry, but it looks like it is going to be released soon. DocSEAL managed to fix the last two major bugs that were holding up in cooperation with 3up and Alligator Jack. Currently he is packaging the mod up for release which will take a couple of days to clean up directories, make new graphics, write the readme, etc. In the meantime he released a new 160MB sized movie that shows ingame footage and some new screenshots. The prospective changelog can be found further below:

  • Fixed the AI to react to proximity mine.  They now react to impact and walk towards it setting it off.
  • Added energy timer to the CryEffect.  It only stay on for a limited time now and the amount of energy needed to activate it is increased with your chosen difficulty level.  For Easy difficulty, you only need 20% or greater energy.  For Realistic, you need at  least 95%.
  • Enhanced blood effect texturing for more realistic gore level
  • Changed some terrain textures for more lifelike look
  • Modified vegetation textures to revert closer to originals.  The forest is much less yellow now.
  • Many user interface graphics updated including menus, font, loadscreens, save points, etc
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