New Single Player MODs

Two new Singleplayer Mods have been released by community members.

First up is Inferno Trilogy by Devilpie. You were on a mission of retrieving a secret antidote from a heavily guarded area, then you were spotted soon after entering the vicinity of the target. As you escape from ruthless mercenaries guarding the antidote, you fell off the cliff and ended up in an unfamiliar place with no weapon or vehicle. Your real challenge begins from here. You will try to find the antidote and find a way out by completing this trilogy...

Then comes Catalyst Aftermath by SkrIpT. You're Jack Carver, a member of the elite Viper Squad, and you've been sent in to these strange islands somewhere in the pacific ocean. You've got captured by heavily armed mercenaries, but your mission while still there: retrieve important information about the activities in these islands. There are 12 levels to work through to achieve your goal.

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