Wolcen: LoM Update

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht.


- Lightning related crashes have been fixed.
- Several (tons of) game crashes have been fixed.

- Each overkill type now has an associated visual effect.
- The silhouette visual feedback when hovering characters or objects with mouse has been reworked.
- The blinking on-hit visual feedback has been reworked.
- Added golden effect on Elite enemies.

- Merchants no longer restock if you have the merchant UI open.
- Time displayed under the minimap is now the real time instead of the in game time.
- Gems will now appear Teal-colored on the ground.
- Fixed the left hand item not being unequipped when resetting the passive skill tree and having titan strength.
- Fixed the close button of the bounty UI.
- Fixed a bug allowing players to put items in locked player chest panels.
- Fixed a bug causing gem sockets artefacts to appear in the inventory grid when unsocketing gems from an item.

- Picking up a quest item with a full inventory will properly update the quest objective.

- Merchant NPC RAM optimization.
- Pressing a skill key during a dodge roll as a male character will no longer cast the skill two times when exiting the dodge roll.
- Changing the AST of a skill after it was cast, and before it was triggered, will now correctly use the initial skill parameters when triggered.

- You should no longer get blocked between two random dungeon parts in random dungeons.
- Corrupted Random Dungeon is deactivated for maintenance. Halaku’s door has been fixed. Missing Materials in the corrupted area have been replaced.

- Passive damage resistance formula has been modified and its impact on gameplay has been increased.
- A few ROS transfers were not making use of your transfer time modifiers.
- Snaring enemies by Dashing on them was not always working. We fixed it.
- Decreased the effect on attributes on damage and dodge chance.
- Ironguard passive effect no longer disappears when using it.
- It is not possible to equip Ironguard without a Shield anymore.
- Fixed a bug allowing you to keep a templar weapon from the Weapons Tutorial quest.
- Fixed the “machine gun” attack speed issue with pistols.
- The level 5 requirement has been removed on tier 1 gems.
- Fixed a bug causing the players to go through the ground when knocked down, teleporting them to random locations.
- The attack range of melee and ranged weapons has been unified.
- All basic weapon combo now uses 2D shapes for their targeting, resolving several issues and allowing to cleave on many targets with one hit.
- Fixed various bugs with the Active Dodge/Dodgeroll.

- New enemy: Undead Butcher! The Butcher is a powerful foe wielding a Cleaver and a Hook at the same time. Beware of its belly-mouth!
- New enemy: Pithus Watcher.
- New enemies: Wormaggot and Corrupted Wormaggot.
- Halaku now inflicts less damage.
- Halaku’s skulls now inflict physical damage, making it less punishing for melee characters.
- The corrupted slug will now move faster upon detecting a target.

- New weapon type: Bows!
- Several issues about items, gems and potions have been fixed (items duplication, crashes, infinite gold, incapacity to use, etc.).
- Fixed a bug causing items to disappear when unsocketing a gem with a full inventory.
- Fixed a bug causing items to be downgraded on character loading.

- Mass Murder’s description has been changed to avoid confusion.
- Decreased Overheating damage, which should decrease the amount of unwanted deaths.

- New Active Skill: Frost Lance.
- New Active Skill: Frost Comet.
- Reworked Active Skill: Frost Nova.


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