KC Deliverance: Patch 1.6.2

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Henry is fast becoming legendary even despite his shortcomings since he first trip to Pirkstein castle. Whether you call him "Hardcore Henry", "Henry the Baliff", "Hungry Henry", or just plain "Hal", his reputation now far preceeds him.  

With Gamescom 2018 right around the corner, we have a new patch update for PC and Playstation, which fixes several of the highly requested bug fixes that we've seen reported on social media. The Patch for Xbox will follow soon after.

Patch 1.6.2 for PC and Playstation makes some adjustments, improvements, and fixes to both the full version of the game and to our first premium DLC, "From the Ashes." We truly appreciate the feedback, bugs found and suggestions that YOU, our fans have been reporting to us over our forums, Steam, Reddit, and Facebook page. The Xbox Patch will follow soon after.

Patch Features:

- The player now loses only a very small amount of faction reputation when he kills all witnesses to his crime.
- Partially loaded state of Talmberg during "Epilogue" fixed.
- Robard stuck in the ground during "Epilogue" fixed.
- "Rattled" quest in Sasau can now be started even after finishing "All that Glisters".
- Divish now instantly teleports to Talmberg after finishing the lords' discussion during "Epilogue". This should solve many problems with starting the DLC.
- Issue with finishing the DLC quest during Talmberg siege with Divish being teleported inside besieged Talmberg was fixed.
- Locator Marius has much better pathfinding now.


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