Hunt: Solo Event - Aug 2018

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Today (30. August 2018) Hunt's very first live event begins, and if you own the game, you can join in right now. (If you don't already own the game, you can get Hunt on Steam.) Solo players will have their moment to rise up during the week-long Solo Event, where every match consists of up to ten solo players. No team advantage. One bounty per boss.


With only one bounty up for grabs during each round, things are going to get intense. If you see another Hunter, you probably aren't going to wait around before going for the headshot. Everyone and everything on the map is your opponent—and a direct threat to your ability to take home any bounty at all. Things just got serious.


You may die alone, but during the Hunt Solo Event, when you play alone, you have a fighting chance to take the bounty and win the round. All you need to do to join is to select “Solo" on the contract screen, and then “Solo Event," and you're in. The matchmaking system will take care of the rest. Just remember, if you select a multiplayer contract, you won't be given the Solo Event option, so if you can't find the button, go back a few screens and have another look.

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To keep things interesting, we're also offering special rewards during the event for players who extract with the most bounty (Solo Event queue only!) The rewards up for grabs are as follows:

Top 50: 3500 in-game Dollars

Top 10: 3500 in-game Dollars, custom Hunter name for a single Hunter

Top 5: 3500 in-game Dollars, custom Hunter name for a single Hunter, 3 weapons of choice (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small) , 3 consumables of choice, 3 tools of choice, and 50 points worth of traits

Top 3: All of the rewards available to the top 5 players, as well as +1 prestige level


The Solo Event will run from Thursday, August 30th (live now!) to Thursday, September 6th at 4pm CET.